Seller’s Home Inspections

A seller’s home inspection, also known as a pre-listing inspection, is designed to assist a seller with selling their home more quickly and easily, by providing a means of assuring that everyone involved in the process; the sellers, the buyers, and the real estate professionals, have an upfront understanding of the condition of the home.

Traditionally a home inspection is positioned at the end of the sales cycle. A home is listed, an offer is made, and this offer is contingent upon the home buyer having a home inspection completed within a few days. This traditional method of scheduling and completing the home inspection makes the already stressful nature of both buying and selling a home much more rushed and stressful than it needs to be for everyone involved.

Having a seller’s home inspection completed prior to listing a home has many advantages over the traditional home inspection scheduling approach. A seller’s inspection can ¬†assist in establishing¬† a fair asking price for your home, a comfort level with potential buyers, and may also help to eliminate last minute surprises, that all too often become obstacles to a smooth sale.

Knowing about existing conditions, that a home buyer’s home inspector will likely identify, will allow you ¬†to either disclose these conditions, and to reflect these in your asking price, or to have repairs made on your terms and your schedule, and not at last minute inflated fees, as you try to rush these to completion to save a deal.

It is always better that a potential buyer know about conditions upfront and make their initial offer upon their awareness of these. Having a potential buyer surprised by conditions, only first revealed to them by their home inspector, does not generally  have a  positive outcome for a seller.

This is especially true with many first time homebuyers, who have the notion that they are going to find a “perfect” home. When they discover that not only is the home they have made an offer on, not “perfect”, but that it has a laundry list of conditions discovered by their inspector, which, by the way, may have been easily and inexpensively resolved (made into non-issues) prior to listing the home, these first time home buyers often panic and back out of their contract.

The facts are, that knowing the condition of your home prior to listing it, puts you in better control of the selling process, helps you to better position your home in the market, and helps to reduce the stress associated with having to deal with unknown issues at the last moment, or having to drop your price, or even having your deal fall apart at the last minute.




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