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The best surprises when you move into your new home are no surprises at all. Protect yourself and your investment by being made aware of issues that could affect the safety, structural stability, or the re-marketability of your home by hiring the best home inspector you can find. Following are several key points to consider when searching for and selecting a qualified home inspector:


1. Never select a home inspector by price alone. This can lead to disaster. Select the most qualified inspector you can find. You generally get what you pay for. Good inspectors know what they are worth and charge accordingly. You are about to make one of the largest investments of your life, don’t let a few dollars determine the difference between you receiving a thorough and objective home inspection that protects your interest and provides you peace of mind, versus an inspection of little or no value.

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.” Red Adair


Recognize – A thorough home inspection may find deficiencies that could affect the transaction. Correcting these deficiencies may be negotiable – or if considerable, may even halt the transaction. Bigger older homes take more time, and therefore should cost more to inspect. Generally speaking, the lower the purchase price, the better the inspector you need!


2. Trust others for home inspector recommendations, but trust yourself for making the inspector hiring decision. Practice due diligence! Seek referrals from friends, family, co-workers, and the real estate professional you are working with, but be sure to call and interview several inspectors and establish your own comfort level in their experience, qualifications, and the services and products that they deliver. Keep in mind, one of the chief assets of any home inspector is their ability to clearly and comfortably communicate with you.


Consider – If you seek references from the home inspector – ask the client if they would hire the inspector again or allow them to inspect a house for their mom!

Be Aware! – If you select your home inspector based solely on a real estate professional’s recommendation, make sure they are referring the home inspector based on merit, and not based on the fact that the home inspector has payed for their referral. Many local real estate companies have preferred vendor list. The only qualification to be on these list is the home inspectors willingness to pay to play. (New York State considers this illegal, and ASHI considers this to be unethical!)


3. Ask to see a sample report. Does the home inspection report provide you with an objective and comprehensive document complete with well written detailed narratives and captioned color photographs of all issues that you, as a homebuyer, need to be aware of? Does the inspector have a sample report available for online viewing? If so, this is a good indication of online report delivery capabilities. This is a secure, efficient, and environmentally friendly report delivery practice.


Understand – Most of us readily process visual information. Online reporting supports filling the reports with images without the concern for file sizes and printing consumables. As the American Proverb goes – “One picture is worth a thousand words”


4. Ask how long a typical home inspection takes, and how many inspections the inspector schedules per day. The typical single-family home requires approximately 3-hours to physically inspect, and a professional report generally requires an average of 6-8 hours to complete. Be suspect of inspectors that deliver on-site reports and schedule 3 or more inspections a day. Once again, you generally get what you pay for.


Recognize – Every home is different. The question -how long will the home inspection take? – Can best be answered by –“as long as is required” Hire an inspector that won’t be rushing off to his next scheduled inspection.

When you hire Advanced Home Awareness, you are hiring a NY State Licensed, and ASHI Certified Home Inspector for a full day. All home inspections, and home inspection reports are personally completed by Dave Tontarski, owner of Advanced Home Awareness. Dave typically averages 3-hours physically inspecting a home, but will spend as long as it takes, as he will not be rushing off to his next inspection. Upon completing the physical inspection of the home, Dave spends a minimum of 2-hours report writing for every 1-hour he spends physically inspecting a home.


5. Ask whether the home inspector is an American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) Certified Inspector. ASHI is North America’s oldest and largest professional society for home inspectors. To become a Certified Inspector, an inspector must pass a proctored exam, perform a minimum of 250 home inspections, and complete 20 hours of continuing education annually to keep up with building standards, technologies, and inspection techniques. ASHI Certified Inspectors adhere to strict standards of practice and code of ethics. Ask the inspector about these standards and ethics. Visit ASHI to learn more about ASHI’s high standards and to complete a zip code search for a qualified home inspector.


Sure – Other certifications and organizations exist, but ASHI is recognized as the most established and valued.


By following these tips, you are prepared to hire a qualified home inspector to eliminate unwanted surprises and ensure you’ve protected your investment.

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