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I use Radalink Telemonitors (continuous monitoring devices) for radon testing. These devices take radon concentration air sampling measurements once an hour for approximately 48 hours. Radalink Telemonitors are also designed to keep track temperature, barometric pressure, and relative humidity levels of the testing environment. This assures that any variances can be accounted for during analysis of the captured data.
The TeleMonitor, is a precise, continuous, electradon_testing_rochester_new_york.jpgronic instrument, designed specifically for testing in the context of real estate transactions. Hourly readings and other tamper detection features (including tilt detection) make a Radalink test extremely difficult to compromise.




Upon completion of the air sampling, the collected data is transmitted to Radalink’s central analysis facility via the TeleMonitor’s built-in modem. A complete, personalized radon report is e-mailed to the inspector and the client – usually within an hour of this transmission. (This report is also e-mailed to the real estate  professional if this testing supports a real estate transaction.)

Most frequently asked question – Why pay someone $175+  for a continuous monitor radon test when charcoal canister testing supplies are available for under $50?

Answer – Charcoal canisters are biased to the last 12-24 hours of testing  (no matter how long they are deployed), their sensitivity to temperature, humidity, and air flow may produce unreliable results, and these can easily be tampered with. (moved to the exterior of the home by unscrupulous individuals)

Paying for an accurate premium service will assure your health is protected.

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