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“Before I hired AHA Home Inspections (and Dave Tontarski), I looked at a number of company websites, trying to find a home inspector that had those qualities important to me – one that was knowledgeable and trustworthy. I didn’t know Dave so I knew I was taking a chance. But I took a chance and won! I would definitely recommend Dave to my family and friends. As a single woman buying a home, one concern was that I would be taken advantage of, and that the inspector would simply gloss-over everything. Dave did not do this. He explained everything to me, and in friendly, easy-going way that the inspection felt more like an on-going conversation, rather than an inspection with items simply being checked-off. The inspection and the report were very extensive. Dave spent over 3-hours at the home (1,400 sq ft). The report has so much info, including links to websites with even more info, that I’ll be referring to it for years to come. And the report’s color coding system allowed me to easily read through and find those items that are urgent, less urgent, etc. Great experience. Thanks Dave!”

— Jennifer C.


“Dave performed a full inspection on the interior and exterior of the house we just purchased. The house was built in 1940, has had extensive renovations in 2004 and is about 1,800 sq/ft. Within 24 hours we received an email link to a password protected report. This detailed 68-page report contained many photos and links to exterior websites with additional information on relevant topics. Each recommendation was boldly color coded as “unsafe” or “update/maintenance”. The report was easy to read and contained a summary & table of contents for easy navigation. Dave recorded the serial numbers of each of our appliances and submitted the information to RecallChek, which will provide notification to us in the event that any of our appliances is recalled for the entire time we own our home. Dave arrived early and began the exterior inspection before we even arrived at the property. After he finished inspecting each floor he walked us through it explaining any issues or safety concerns that he discovered. Dave spent a couple hours with us and took his time to do a thorough inspection. We used the report he provided to us as evidence that there were unsafe
conditions in the house that needed to be addressed by the seller. Thanks to Dave’s attention to detail the seller brought out a licensed electrician to inspect some corrosion in the circuit breaker box and also contracted an HVAC professional to replace some furnace exhaust pipes that contained extensive corrosion. We’ll use the report for years to come as we continue to make updates and improvements based on Dave’s recommendations.”

— Wendy W.


“Dave – Sorry it took me some time to get back to you with my comments.¬† Well, nothing but good to say. ¬†This was our first experience with the whole inspection thing and we were very impressed.¬† We compared your report to 4 others that we had from friends of ours and you blew everyone out of the water.¬† I would highly recommend you to anyone.¬† Our realtor said the same.¬† He said you were much more thorough than anyone he has ever seen.¬† I think that means nothing but good things for you.¬† So, thank you very much and if you ever want a reference or someone wants to talk with a client of yours, feel free to pass them our name and we will talk with them and let them know what we thought.¬† People really shouldn’t have any questions though because that web site is great and the sample reports really tell all.¬† I thought that was great and we love the fact that we can check the report and print it out and all that good stuff.¬† I do need to hit you up sometime for the exact location on Seneca where you catch those mutant perch!!!!!!!”

— Michael & Alicia Z.


“Dave – The home inspection was fantastic! The level of detail was very, very helpful and gave us a nice starting point for safety improvements once we completed the purchase. Having the information available online was also useful as it allowed us to access it from multiple locations and gave us one less document to keep track of! Overall, we were very pleased with the results and compliment you on your efficiency and level of passion for your work. It is nice to see that in this day of “fast-food” type of services. We will both recommend your services to anyone we know that is looking for a home, as well as utilizing it ourselves should we find ourselves looking again to purchase in the future. Thanks again!”

— Ken R.


“Dave – We did receive both of the reports (general home inspection & radon)–thank you very much for such a speedy execution on them. As for referrals, you have been wonderful, and I will definitely recommend you to everyone.¬† In fact, my sister and her husband are looking at houses, so when they find one worthy, I will be the first to tell them about you! Thanks again, Dave.¬† I will keep you posted about the house!¬† Thank you also for being an upstanding, trustworthy gentleman.”

–Nikki F.


“Dave – Thank you so much for the thorough inspection and report. We received it via email successfully and will look it over more thoroughly tonight. I just spoke with Mary (buyer’s agent)¬† and she said she had received a copy herself. We are meeting with her tonight.¬† We appreciate all your suggestions, notations, and resources for help in doing some “home repair.” It is obvious that you not only know your stuff, but you enjoy your job! Thanks again and we won’t hesitate to call if we have any questions”

— Stephanie H.


“Dave – The entire inspection experience was very satisfying from our initial contact through your follow-up to the report. The new delivery mechanisms you invested in resulted in a user friendly product with lasting value. Today, after weeks of offers, counter offers, bluffing and storytelling, Pepper and I and the sellers finally agreed to a price for the house. The sellers initially commented your report was too aggressive in identifying of issues. That reaction re-affirmed the fact the product you provided met our expectations and more. In the end your report, we believe, helped us secure a final price, significantly less than the list price, which was itself a reduction of the original price listed months ago. The money we recovered on the front end of this deal will be used to cover the immediate adjustments you recommended, and will help us begin to upgrade the home. Thank you again for your hard work and high degree of personal integrity.”

— Jason & Pepper


“Hi Dave – We were very pleased with your report.¬† The seller has agreed to the items we required they fix.¬† The report also will serve as a guide for me as the new homeowner as I try to make the home safe and take preventive actions to keep it in good shape.¬† Thanks for the great job!!”

— James B.


“We had a great experience with Dave from setting up appointment with ease to receiving our 60 + page detailed report, complete with pictures and links to reference information and tips for future safety and energy conservation tips. He arrives about 30 minutes prior to scheduled time to complete his inspection of the exterior of the home in order to speed up the process a bit, as the entire inspection process will take about 3 hours. ¬†He will make note of everything that he notices about the home, good or bad, extremely necessary updates to advice for the future. ¬†His detailed report is color coded as to importance of findings. ¬†I feel very confident that we are fully aware of the home that we are purchasing. Dave also takes note of the model and serial number of every appliance in the home and submits the information to a recall-check company. ¬†The company monitors all recalls and will notify you if there is a recall on any of your appliances and provide you with information for a fix or replacement. ¬†As you update appliances, simply notify the company of your new purchases and they will continue to provide you recall information.¬† Dave is very¬†knowledgeable¬†about all codes, regulations, and helpful tips. ¬†Not only is he extremely helpful, but he is a very pleasant, friendly guy and was a pleasure to have his services.

We would hire him again without question and would recommend his services to everyone!

— Erica & Steve S.
“You should have him inspect your next used car, he doesn’t miss anything.”

— Rick B. (Client’s Father)

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