Aha! Moments To Avoid

Aha!….so that’s why the attic access panel was screwed shut  (when all that mold on the attic framing and sheathing is discovered after you move in – perhaps when the roof collapses due to structural failure)

Aha!….so that’s why my new 52″ flat screen LED HDTV was fried during that electrical storm (when it is discovered that your $300 surge suppressor was rendered useless by being plugged into an ungrounded outlet)

Aha!….so that’s why dozens of my best friends and family were seriously injured at my house warming party (when that nice looking elevated rear deck collapses due to it not being properly braced and secured to the home)

ASHI Deck Safety Video

Aha!….so that’s why the house burned down (when all those faulty electrical service panel issues were discovered by the arson investigator)

Time for a positive Aha! moment – call Dave at 585-245-1190. Use my awareness, insight, experience, and understanding to assure that you are buying a safe & sound home! Join me as we thoroughly inspect your future home. You will gain insights and awareness about the home during the inspection, and these will be fully documented in my detailed, color photo illustrated internet delivered reports.

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