200% Guarantee

We are so confident in our ability to meet and exceed your expectations,  that if you are not completely satisfied with our home inspection process, and the detail of your home inspection report, we will refund your home inspection fee, and pay for another Home Inspector, of your choice, to complete an inspection of the home.

Rules for guarantee:

1. Client must submit a written request in writing within 5-days of inspection

2. Client must document specific dissatisfactions

3. Client must have attended the entire inspection

4. Advanced Home Awareness Home Inspections will issue a check directly to the home inspector you select for re-inspection, up to 100% of the amount you originally paid for a general home inspection. Other services are not covered by this guarantee. (radon testing & pest & chimney inspections)

The majority of my clients are referrals from past clients, or referrals from real estate professionals that want to assure that their clients, or friends and family members, move forward with the purchase of their new home with a full awareness of the condition and the safety of the home. A home can often make a great first impression, but have many underlying issues that only an experienced home inspector can detect.

Quite often, issues discovered during a home inspection require simple and inexpensive fixes, but these simple and inexpensive to fix issues can still threaten a homeowner’s safety, and these can not be overlooked.

I promise to call out all issues that I observe that could affect the safety of the home. I will treat your potential new home as if it was being purchased by one of my own.


My premium home inspection report will provide you with an objective and comprehensive document complete with detailed narratives and captioned color photographs of all issues that you, as a homebuyer, need to be aware of.

Many home inspectors tout their ability to deliver on-site reports as a benefit to the homebuyer, but think about this. Who does this actually benefit? You are about to make one of the biggest investments of your life, don’t you think you deserve more than 2-3-hours of a home inspector’s time? On-site delivery most benefits the home inspector that wants to schedule 3 or more home inspections per day. This does not generally benefit a homebuyer.

See my blog addressing the benefits of a detailed home inspection report.

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